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ParrotPos is an application developed by ParrotPos Sdn.Bhd. in collaboration with Research Management Centre, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) under the Industry Grant Scheme Vote M023. This app aims to ease the users to pay bills, top-up, and make donation easily. The users can safely use this app to do contactless activities including payment transaction. The most special feature of this app is, while paying bills/top-up, some portion of the money is automatically stored in donation tube, which will be channelled to needy students in UTHM. The donation tube is transparent and visible to all users as they are able to view their personal contribution amount and total amount collected from the entire ParrotPos kind-hearted users. Download and use the app with a charitable heart.


There are many benefits of using ParrotPos


From the payment made by users through this app, a certain amount will be automatically donated to the needy tube. At the initial stage, the collected fund will be donated to UTHM students for educational purposes.

Bill Payment

From the payment made by users through this app, a certain amount will be automatically donated to the needy tube. At the initial stage, the collected fund will be donated to UTHM students for educational purposes.

Referral Earning

The users also able to receive up to 6 levels of referral earning for every transaction as a privilege from the company policy with their unique referral codes from the app. Share the app and earn cashback for a lifetime from every referral’s transaction.


Every transaction made by users through this app will be rewarded with a certain amount of cashback.


For any added favourite bills on this app, users will be able to view all the outstanding amounts


Merchants can earn in an easy and unique way while making charity.


Range of features baked into ParrotPos

2 Brilliant ways of earning from ParrotPos!

Receive Instant Cashbacks when you pay bills or top up.

These cashbacks accumulate in your earning wallet everytime you pay your bills or make a top-up.

Earn Cashbacks when your referrals make a transaction.

Refer friends and family to ParrotPos yand earn every time they make a transaction. Up to 6 levels!


Your monthly bills can be added to a personalized list of favourites to be accessed at any time.

Outstanding amount

ParrotPos automatically tracks your bills and displays your outstanding amount and displays your outstanding amount every time you log in.

Recurring payments

ParrotPos alsp gives you the option of setting recurring payments that ParrotPos will automatically make each month, will automatically make each month, hassle free.

Refer and Earn

Refer your family and friends and each time they make a payment you earn. Now you can earn while you pay.


Frequently Asked Questions

ParrotPos is an application developed by ParrotPos Sdn. Bhd. This app aims to make it easier for users to make bill payments, prepaid top-ups, and donations. The user can use this app to organise monthly utility payments while earning passive income by just sharing the app with other users and being able to donate.

From the apps main page, choose Bill payment to make any payments like internet bills, water bills, electric bills, postpaid bills and local council bills. For prepaid topup chose topup option from the ParrotPos App’s main page. In order to make bill payments and topup you must reload your Main Wallet in advance. Amount reloaded in the main wallet will be used to pay the bills and topup.

There is no maximum or minimum earning amount. The user can earn as much money as they want by referring as many people as possible to the app.

The user can have unlimited referrals at each level. And the levels are up to five. This means that user A shares the app with user B, who then shares it with user C, and so on until user F. Even when user F pays any bills or makes prepaid reloads apart from getting cash back, user E, who referred F, followed by users D, C, B, and A, will receive referral earnings from the payment done by user F. The amount of cash back and referral earnings up to five levels is based on the payment amount and products. So just share the app with other users to make passive income.

No. We do not charge any fees for signup or registration. The user can just use the amount reloaded in the main wallet to make bill payments, make prepaid reloads, and earn cash back and referral earnings.

The app was specially designed to: Pay your monthly bills hassle-free. able to avoid installing multiple service provider apps to view due amounts and pay bills since all can be paid on a single platform. manage various bill payments reports of previous payments up to 2 years. Anyone can earn passive income through bill payments and prepaid reloads.


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